About Us

Innovative Services & Comprehensive Real Estate Solutions

Through its unique range of innovative services, Cayan Homes provides its clients with a flexible, effortless experience. The aim is to create utmost synergy between available units and the average demand for real estate and residential services. This is achieved through offering the ideal sales, leasing, and property management solutions at the hands of a team of specialists. Experts at Cayan Homes work with utmost transparency and in accordance with international standards to ensure providing premium quality services that match clients’ expectations and help them make the right decisions.

Specialized in real estate marketing, Cayan Homes caters to the evolving needs of the real estate sector, which is known for its ongoing and accelerating growth. This confirms the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, advanced services as well as complete real estate solutions.

Solutions Crafted with Creativity

Cayan Homes offers comprehensive brokerage solutions with the aim of expanding its client base and establishing absolute credibility. The company’s services are presented creatively and professionally, while guaranteeing transparency. In addition, real estate and property consultancy services are not limited to a city or a country, but are offered anywhere the client prefers.

An Experience Beyond Boundaries

Cayan Homes’ solutions and exclusive approach set itself apart from all other real estate brokerage firms. The company is known for its ability to provide the most exclusive and integrated services in the real estate market and across the world, reinforced by the distinctive privileges that Cayan Group offers to clients. These include exclusive property in towers and projects available directly from the developer, in addition to property developed by the company itself – Dorrabay, Cayan Business Center, La Residencia Del Mar, Silverene, The Jewels, and Cayan Tower in Dubai, Layaly Compound and Samaya in Riyadh, and many other future projects. Through its partnership with the best real estate developers in the Middle East and the world, Cayan Homes is capable of providing luxurious residential units. In addition, it offers land, residential, and commercial real estate development services within a more advanced process and approach.

Mission and Vision

Your Peace of Mind is Our Mission

By offering innovative services and pioneering solutions, we strive to provide an easy, flexible, professional, and comprehensive real estate experience that achieves a high level of trust and stability for our clients, partners, shareholders, and employees.

Offering unmatched Services is Our Vision

We aim to establish tangible leadership by providing our clients with unparalleled real estate services, ensuring flexibility and ease in all our dealings, and offering comprehensive, world-class quality solutions.

A Business Approach Guided by Core Values

We take pride in our commitment to a set of professional and moral values. This has enabled us to build solid relations with our clients, shareholders, employees, and partners.

  • Integrity: Carrying out all transactions within a framework of utmost credibility and efficiency.
  • Quality: Adding a luxurious, international touch to all our services by adhering to the highest standards.
  • Credibility: Clarity, honesty, and transparency in all our dealings and transactions.
  • Trust: Earning clients’ trust by respecting contractual terms and delivering on our promises.

Achievements & Services

Years of Various Achievements and Quality Services

Cayan Homes was inspired by the unmatched dedication and quality offered by one of the most prominent real estate developers in the Middle East, Cayan Group, which has excelled in the Saudi and Dubai real estate markets. As a subsidiary of Cayan Group, Cayan Homes enjoys a unique platform of thorough experience, setting the benchmark in all service-related, engineering, and logistic solutions. Cayan Homes offers the same level of excellence to which Cayan Group clients are accustomed. The company guarantees the highest quality of residential and commercial units offered either within its own property or property that belongs to its partners – only the best real estate developers providing the best in customer service.

Real Estate Sales Services

These aim at helping clients to sell their property in the most transparent means, guaranteeing maximum benefit from the sales process. With Cayan Homes’ real estate experience, expertise, knowledge base, and professionalism, clients receive the best consultancy services in land and property sales, and are guided towards making the right investment decisions.

Cayan Homes also provides a very comforting approach to facilitate the buying process for property seekers. Our specialized services enable them to make life-altering decisions such as buying a home or making an important investment. They are also offered full consultancy services.

Leasing Services

Leasing services help clients who wish to rent property by finding a residence that matches their needs. In addition, these services are dedicated to owners – individuals or companies – who wish to rent out their property, helping them find the right client while following a set of specific and suitable terms in alignment with the governing laws and regulations.

Property Management Services

These services are provided to property owners who wish to outsource their property management requirements to an independent company for matters including:

  • Collection of rent payments or installments from residents
  • Comprehensive periodic and urgent maintenance services
  • Security services and hiring staff for catering to the needs of residents and facility employees
  • Client-related services dedicated to owners of towers and compounds for catering to the needs of their residents
  • Logistic services that connect residents with the owners and management-in-charge, as well as other dynamic services.